• First Generation Fashion Claire

    Claire: From Korea to Nolita

    Claire is best defined as a global citizen. She was born in Korea, raised by a traditional Jewish American family, and culturally influenced by several European capitals that, at one point, she called home. Although she currently identifies herself as a New Yorker, her spirit is as eclectic as her incredible wardrobe.

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  • Gunjan Sewhani Banerji

    Gunjan: From India to Chelsea

    Gunjan is a fashionable New York native who represents the perfect balance of beauty and brains. She is a financial journalist, graduate student at Columbia University, and a classical Indian dancer. Despite the whirlwind of living in Manhattan, this cosmopolitan wonder-woman remains centered through her spirituality and connection to her Indian heritage.

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  • First Generation Fashion Natasha

    Natasha: From Guyana to Union Square

    Natasha is a fun-spirited New Yorker who is pursuing a career in medicine to help others. When she isn’t busy studying at NYU, she’s exploring the food, culture, and shopping of the city through the guidance of her loving sisters.

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  • FIrst Generation Fashion Somya

    Somya: From India to FiDi

    Somya is a Wall Street business woman who focuses her time between working as an attorney, and running her own bootstrapped venture. She is beautiful, centered and ambitious with a remarkable gift for artistic expression. When Somya’s not paving a way for women in a male-dominated industry, she loses herself in painting, music, and dance inspired by her Indian heritage.

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  • FIrst Generation Fashion Catalina

    Catalina: From Chile to Bensonhurst

    Catalina is a Southern girl transplanted from Texas to New York City. With a natural curiosity for travel and culture, Catalina spends her time exploring the hidden gems of NYC tucked away in the heart of the outer boroughs.

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  • Vera: On Athleisure, Living in Staten Island, and Where to Find the Best NYC Slice

    Vera is a cosmopolitan cool girl living in New York City. Similar to her style, her personality strikes a balance between hip and chic. Whether she’s dressed up or down, her striking looks and incredible style always stand out in a crowd.

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  • First Generation Fashion Sana

    Sana: From Pakistan to Soho

    Sana’s curiosity and desire to explore the world recently brought her to the heart of New York City. She is a scientist, pre-med graduate, and unexpected bon vivant. Raised by traditional Pakistani parents, Sana’s style and attitude is a blend of her cultural background and American taste for adventure, fashion, and excitement.

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  • First Generation Fashion Sasha

    Sasha: On Nail Art and #InstaFame

    Sasha is a Brooklyn native on a pre-med track at St. Francis College. With an Instagram account of nearly 10k followers, which she started from her hobby of painting nails, she captures what it means to be Gen Y. Sasha is fashionable and focused, with a strong online presence created from her artistic pastime.

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