• First Generation Fashion Ivy

    Ivy: From Jamaica & Iceland to the LES

    Ivy is a native New Yorker on the cusp of adult hood. Raised in a biracial family, she developed a strong sense of identity and maturity at a young age. She’s unique yet she exudes an air of familiarity — as if you’ve known her for years. Ivy’s personal style is a blend of 90’s nostalgia and naïveté, a token to the cultural rebirth of New York City’s most fascinating decade.

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  • Lea: From Lebanon to The Upper East Side

    Lea is a global citizen with Lebanese roots who is currently living her days as an Uptown girl. She’s a women with traditional values but ambition like a true New Yorker. When she’s not out exploring the culture of her new home, Lea is using interior design to bring color and beauty into her clients’ and friends’ homes. Lea embodies the perfect balance of old-world culture meets modern day metropolis.

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  • City Foodie First Generation Fashion

    Laura: From Korea to Greenwich Village

    Meet the face behind City Foodie. With the help of her popular Instagram account of mouth watering #eeeeeats, Laura has established herself as the girl-in-the know when it comes to New York City dining. Laura moved from Seoul, Korea to NYC to study fashion, entrepreneurship, and business at NYU’s Gallatin. Now this third culture kid is conquering the city one bite at a time, and snapping photos along the way.

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  • Abi First Generation Fashion

    Abi: From Goa to Little Italy

    Abi is a NYU Stern graduate who followed her love for food to launch a delectable new product that gives Nutella a run for its money – trust us we’ve tried it. After a quick stint in finance, Abi launched her CookieNut butter with friend and partner, Sabi. The SABI+ABI brand demonstrates that women don’t have to force themselves into cookie-cutter corporate culture to smoke the competition in the world of business.

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  • Sana First Generation Fashion

    Sana: On Fashion, NYC Restaurants, and Living in Soho

    Sana’s curiosity and desire to explore the world recently brought her to the heart of New York City. She is a scientist, pre-med graduate, and unexpected bon vivant. Raised by traditional Pakistani parents, Sana’s style and attitude is a blend of her cultural background and American taste for adventure, fashion, and excitement.

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  • Bhumi First Generation Fashion

    Bhumi: From India to Midtown

    Although Bhumi comes from a very traditional Indian background, her wardrobe is fabulous enough to turn even SJP green with envy. Her collection of eccentric accessories and colorful garments screams magazine editor, while her studies at NYU prove that New York women do have it all. Bhumi possesses the millennial trifecta: beauty, brains, and a closet full of Louboutins.

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  • Alexandra First Generation Fashion

    Alexandra: From Denmark to Clinton Hill

    Alexandra stands out in the streets of New York City and she is exactly how you’d imagine a native Dane; tall, blonde, and incredibly cool. She is artistic, expressive, and exudes an effortless chic attitude when it comes to fashion. Alexandra spends her days surrounded by a community of creative actors that contribute to what makes NYC the most unique city in the world.

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  • Donna: On Classic Fashion, Modesty in Iran, and Style Icons

    Donna is a Persian beauty with the air of old world class and sophistication. Her wardrobe is a true reflection of her character. She mixes feminine silhouettes with on-trend twists, bold colors, and head-turning prints.

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