• Juliana: From Colombia to the East Village

    Juliana is a Miami native who moved to New York in pursuit of a career in fashion. Today, she juggles wearing many hats but is most known as what Gen Y has dubbed a “street style star”. Juliana’s unique style and effortless allure has landed her access to a coveted seat at fashion week where street photographers flock to capture her image. In an age when turning the camera on oneself has catapulted careers into obscure digital celebrity, Juliana takes a more passive, sartorial approach further solidifying her fashion it-girl status.

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  • Bhumi: On Indian Fashion, Cuisine, and New York City

    Although Bhumi comes from a very traditional Indian background, her wardrobe is fabulous enough to turn even SJP green with envy. Her collection of eccentric accessories and colorful garments screams magazine editor, while her studies at NYU prove that New York women do have it all. Bhumi possesses the millennial trifecta: beauty, brains, and a closet full of Louboutins.

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  • Simi & Chaya: From Australia to Crown Heights

    Simi and Chaya are the founders of The Frock, the Brooklyn-based label that incorporates a high-end, effortless aesthetic to modest fashion. As Orthodox Jews, originally hailing from the sunny beaches of Sydney, Australia, they always stood out from the crowd. Today, their distinctive style and individuality has contributed to the meteoric rise of their unique label that blends high fashion and faith.

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  • Gaïa: From France to SoHo

    Gaïa is a New York it-girl with Parisian roots. From a distance, her effervescence and charisma mask her internal complexity. She is introspective, and committed to her work. She has developed a strong understanding of self which emanates from her studies in psychology and method acting. With art and influence running through her veins, it’s only a matter of time before the world discovers Gaïa Matisse.

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  • Janise Valentin

    Janise: From Puerto Rico to Chelsea

    Janise is a visual and performing artist with an animated personality that is likely attributed to her latin roots. She broke away from small town America to further pursue her career in New York City’s vibrant art world. On any given day, you’ll find Janise veering between painter, method actor, and creative producer – all of which she has effortlessly mastered.

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  • Rafaela On Croatia, Fashion, and Cuisine

    Rafaela is a modern day fashionista with timeless taste and an infectious smile. Although she’s originally from Croatia, Rafaela possesses true New York confidence – something that is key to effortlessly pulling off her eclectic wardrobe.

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  • Laura: On Korean Skincare and Personal Style

    Meet the face behind City Foodie. With the help of her popular Instagram account of mouth watering #eeeeeats, Laura has established herself as the girl-in-the know when it comes to New York City dining. Laura moved from Seoul, Korea to NYC to study fashion, entrepreneurship, and business at NYU’s Gallatin. Now this third culture kid is conquering the city one bite at a time, and snapping photos along the way.

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  • pod twins first generation fashion

    Kristina & Kamila: From Ukraine to Brighton Beach

    The POD Twins are two Ukrainian sisters making a name for themselves as the girls America loves-to-hate on VH1’s reality competition, Twinning. Although they’re identical on the exterior, their personalities differ, completing two spheres to one whole. When one POD hesitates or holds back, the other chimes in — between the two of them, nothing is left unsaid. Apart from their stunning good looks, they’ve shown the world what Ukrainians are notorious for: quick wit, street smarts, and independence.

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