• Emily: From Australia to Clinton Hill

    Emily is a cool, New York City fashion girl hailing from Australia, but her story begins as a refugee fleeing war-torn Vietnam. Having spent her formative years living between Vietnam, Australia, France, and the US, her personal identity is largely defined by the term “visitor”. Today, Emily thrives in NYC’s fashion and art metropolis, and is a company Founder. But she truly only has one foot on the ground. Her tenacity partially stems from the bittersweet reality that New York City will never be her home. Without an attachment to any specific city, she is even more determined to pave her own way.

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  • The Lunar Phase, narciss Hooded Sweatshirt

    Marilyn: From Chile to the Lower East Side

    In a few short years, Marilyn has made a name for herself in both the physical and digital spheres of the world’s fashion capitals: New York City and Instagram. Raised with a blend of American and Latina heritage, her cultural duality manifests in her dynamic personality. Marilyn is warm and friendly, but also driven and hardworking like a true New Yorker. Despite the tough realities that most young, bright-eyed fashionistas face when moving to the big city, Marilyn is constantly teeming with energy. She effortlessly balances her work as an entrepreneurial blogger behind The Lunar Phase and corporate professional at one of America’s most iconic fashion houses.

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  • Tara: From Iran to Central Park South

    In today’s world where beauty and substance are often delineated as mutually exclusive, Tara will strike you as an anomaly. At first glance, she is perceived as poised and beautiful with a refined sense of style. But her true beauty lies within her courage as an investigative journalist and philanthropist in the Middle East. Tara celebrates her femininity without compromising her commitment to her mission of impacting the world. Through her foundation Art of Hope, Tara contributes to the overlooked and often forgotten refugees of war in the Middle East. Her ability to balance femininity and a career confronting the ugliest truths facing the international community solidify her position as a modern day role model.

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  • Jassmin: From Ghana to Lefferts Gardens

    Jassmin is modern day vagabond with Ghanaian and Brooklyn roots. Despite growing up with the city at her fingertips, Jassmin has spent a large number of her formative years traveling the world. While absorbing other cultures and documenting her discoveries along the way, she has never lost sight of her New York values. Today, she embodies a blend of each city across the globe that at one point in time she called home, all while maintaining a strong and well-rounded understanding of personal identity.

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  • Anna & Anatole: From Georgia & Ukraine to Broome Street

    Years ago, the art of tattoos brought together Anna and Anatole. Today, Anatole is a Lead Artist at the renowned Bang Bang tattoo parlor. On the surface, the two lead a progressive lifestyle, seemingly detached from their conservative Eastern European heritage. However, their shared roots have served as common ground for building a modern life together in New York City.

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  • Tara: From Iran to Tribeca

    Tara originally hails from Tehran, Iran but recently moved to New York City after a decade of calling California her home. Coming from a nation once referred to as an empire, Tara represents a blend of old world tradition and westernized modernity. She possesses a contemporary outlook on modesty, censorship, and feminism while also maintaining traditions rooted in her heritage. From The Middle East, to the West Coast, and now the East Coast, her Persian background continues to permeate her experiences while transitioning from one metropolis to another.

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  • Saada: From Kenya to Bed Stuy

    Saada is a young female entrepreneur originally hailing from Kenya. She is the founder of Everyday People, a collaboration that brings together young black people in New York City. What once began as a safe place for a group of friends, has now flourished into a symbol of unity and a rite of passage within the community. Saada’s work is a reminder to New Yorkers that beneath our diverse exteriors, we are all just everyday people.

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  • Jennie: From Korea to Irving Place

    Jennie is founder and CEO of Orchard Mile, a luxury online destination that brings a simplified and customized shopping experience to the forefront of fashion e-commerce. As an Asian American growing up in the southern states of the US, Jennie learned to embrace her individuality from a young age. After graduating from Harvard Business School, and building a successful career on Wall Street and in digital marketing, Jennie decided to launch her own venture with an emphasis on curating the ideal experience for each individual customer. Orchard Mile is a 21st century company that recognizes that in a globalized society online shoppers come from all corners of the world — and they’re looking for retail experiences that reflect this diversity.

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