• Kevin: From Puerto Rico to Soho

    On and off the streets of New York City, Kevin Benejam is a gentleman that embodies the millennial Slash Generation. He is a Men’s Fashion Stylist/ Social Medial Star/ Broadcast Host/ Creative Director and Lifestyle Influencer. As a first-gen Puerto Rican entrepreneur, Kevin can be seen tackling his bootstrapped and self-run business between fashion shoots and media events. Today he is one of New York City’s most dapper tastemakers. We sat down with Kevin to discuss his urban upbringing and the evolution of his personal identity in regards to his multi-faceted career, race, and creative expression.

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  • Anna & Anatole: From Georgia & Ukraine to Broome Street

    Years ago, the art of tattoos brought together Anna and Anatole. Today, Anatole is a Lead Artist at the renowned Bang Bang tattoo parlor. On the surface, the two lead a progressive lifestyle, seemingly detached from their conservative Eastern European heritage. However, their shared roots have served as common ground for building a modern life together in New York City.

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  • Emir: From Turkey to the West Village

    Emir originally hails from Istanbul, Turkey. With homes in several countries, fluency in four different languages, and a rolodex of international friends, he encapsulates what it means to be a global citizen. Emir comes from a long legacy in the real estate industry, but today he is paving his own way by building a brand in New York City. His international perspective on the world, paired with his pedigree and entrepreneurial success, is a true testament to the fact that New York continues to be the greatest city in the world.

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  • Jen and Daniel: On Immigrant Heritage Month

    The United States is a nation fueled by immigrants from around the world. In honor of Immigrant Heritage Month, we sat down with Jen and Daniel from the non-profit organization to discuss immigration reform, America’s undocumented community, and the #IAmAnImmigrant movement. Immigrant Heritage Month is a reminder to all Americans to embrace their welcome story and to stand in solidarity with new Americans. By celebrating our nation’s diversity and our shared American heritage, we move one step closer to policy reform that will benefit our nation as a whole.

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  • Jordan First Gen Men Mr. Purple

    Jordan: From Trinidad to the Lower East Side

    Jordan is a native New Yorker with Trinidadian roots. Today, he manages The Gerber Group’s new downtown hotspot, Mr. Purple. Coming from caribbean descent, Jordan knows how to have a good time. Combining his city upbringing with his laid back Trini attitude, he gives us a comprehensive look into New York City nightlife including the party scenes that have been vitalizing the city for decades.

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  • Eljay: From The Philippines to SoHo

    Eljay is the founder of Why I Love New York City, a photo documentary that has amassed a social following of over 70,000 readers. Originally hailing from the Philippines, Eljay landed in New York City in search of love. Today he inspires thousands of people across the globe by sharing the intimate stories of New York City natives. With each story comes a reminder that despite the hardships, New York City is the one place on earth where you will find limitless possibilities to achieve your dreams, and find certainty in life.

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