• First Generation Fashion Wish

    Wish: On Pakistani Culture and Visiting Her Homeland

    Wish is the epitome of beauty and brains. Originally from New Orleans, she ventured out to New York City to pursue law. Although raised by traditional parents, she takes risks when it come to fashion by mixing vibrant colors and bold pattens.

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  • Daniela: On Fashion and Music

    Daniela is the creator of First Generation Fashion, an authentic reflection of New York City and the ethnic communities that shape its culture. She is artistic, but technical. Daniela is the photographer, developer, and designer behind the blog that captures the lives of her friends and family from countries all around the world.

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  • First Generation Fashion Nicole

    Nicole: From Ukraine to Greenwich Village

    Nicole is likely to be the most ambitious fashionista in the entire New York metropolitan area. She is an international competitive ballroom dancer, a graduate from Hofstra University, and a fashion designer for two new labels. Nicole’s love of fashion began in her early years of rummaging for vintage treasures in her own mother’s closet. As a professional dancer, she developed a unique taste for form-flattering pieces and contrasting colors. Today she combines all of these influences to pull together looks that balance European glam with modern Americana trends.

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  • First Generation Fashion Samantha

    Samantha: On Fashion, Personal Style, and Shopping in New York City

    Samantha has an affinity for finding vintage treasures and sporting trends that suit her colorful and risk-taking personality. Although a book-smart barrister by day, her own curiosity has dubbed her the girl in-the-know amongst her family and friends. She is constantly discovering new places to shop, dine, and explore in New York City where she was born and raised.

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  • First Generation Fashion Mahwash

    Mahwash: From Pakistan to Nolita

    Mahwash is a bilingual barrister by day, and stunning fashionista by night. Spending her childhood traveling from one city to another, Mahwash developed a radiant personality and charisma. She illuminates her surroundings with her positive energy, even in the fast-paced city of New York which she has called home for the past 8 years.

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  • First Generation Fashion Molly

    Molly: On New York City Nightlife

    Molly is the quintessential All-American beauty. With roots dating back farther than most Americans, she represents a lineage of generations brought up in the land of the free.

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  • First Generation Fashion Liz

    Liz: From Dominican Republic to the Bronx

    Liz is a Dominican beauty who is passionate about health, spirituality, and culture in New York City. Although raised by a conservative family, Liz is a free-spirited New Yorker with an adoration for all of the possibilities that the city brings her way.

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  • First Generation Fashion Antonella

    Antonella: On Fashion, Photography, and New York City

    Antonella is a beautiful and talented New York native with a downtown-girl vibe. She uses her artistic background to elevate her professional career in photography. As a New Yorker who spends her time between Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan, she knows all of the best ways to explore this city.

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