• First Generation Fashion Victoria

    Victoria: On Fashion, Food, and Growing Up in Brooklyn

    Like most New Yorkers, Victoria barely finds time in the day to balance it all. She sticks to the basic rule of mixing staples with statement accessories to effortlessly pull together every look. With a fashionista mother, Victoria learned at a young age that acquiring and caring for the right pieces is half the work.

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  • first generation fashion Mondalena

    Mondalena: On Working in Design in New York City

    Mondalena possesses a certain je ne sais quoi when it comes to fashion and design. She has an innate ability to throw together a look, or even a room, with ease and style. She pairs eclectic pieces of inspiration with basic staples to add a cool-girl edge to to her everyday life and style.

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  • First Generation Fashion Vera

    Vera: On Russian Cuisine and NYC Restaurants

    Vera is the cosmopolitan cool girl living in New York City. Similar to her style, her personality strikes a balance between hip and chic. She pairs luxury accessories with basic garments to make a statement.

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  • First Generation Fashion Daniela

    Daniela: A Modern Day Matryoshka

    Daniela is the creator of First Generation Fashion, an authentic reflection of New York City and the ethnic communities that shape its culture. She is artistic, but technical. Daniela is the photographer, developer, and designer behind the blog that captures the lives of her friends and family from countries all around the world.

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  • First Generation Fashion Samantha

    Samantha: On Fashion, Food, and Parties in New York City

    Samantha has an affinity for finding vintage treasures and sporting trends that suit her colorful and risk-taking personality. Although a book-smart barrister by day, her own curiosity has dubbed her the girl in-the-know amongst her family and friends. She is constantly discovering new places to shop, dine, and explore in New York City where she was born and raised.

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  • First Generation Fashion Rachel

    Rachel: From Italy to Bay Ridge

    Rachel is a relationship coach and matchmaker living in New York City. Her Italian heritage plays a major role in her career and lifestyle. Whether it’s through food, culture, or love, Rachel adds a hint of Italy to every aspect of her dolce vita!

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  • Wish: On Pakistani Culture and Food in NYC

    Wish is the epitome of beauty and brains. Originally from New Orleans, she ventured out to New York City to pursue law. Although raised by traditional parents, she takes risks when it come to fashion by mixing vibrant colors and bold pattens.

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  • First Generation Fashion Marina

    Marina: From Ukraine to Columbus Circle

    Marina is the classic city girl; she is driven, successful, and fashionable. As a model New Yorker she is always on the run, but never with a strand of her flawless hair out of place. Somehow she balances a career in finance with everything else New York City has to offer, reaffirming that woman can truly have it all.

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