first-gen·er·a·tion (fûrstjn-rshn)

born in the U.S. —used to describe an American of immigrant parentage.


Growing up first-generation American meant learning English as a second language, loving food others can’t pronounce, and having access to my mother’s incredible closet of treasures. In a city that represents a microcosm of the world, being a New York native is often synonymous with being of international descent. First Gen Fashion is a visual reflection of New York City. It captures an authentic representation of the ethnic communities that influence its incredible culture. Follow First Gen Fashion to discover the stories of the natives behind the city that boasts the most exciting restaurants and nightlife, beautiful people, and progressive trends.



Daniela Kucher is a Brooklyn-bred New Yorker who is first-generation American. She is the creator, photographer, and designer behind First Gen Fashion.

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